Feb 10, 2010

Spending Freeze & My Winter Faves

With much trepidation and sadness, I confess: as of two days ago, Monday, February 8, 2010, I am officially on a budget.

ACTually ... budget isn't quite the appropriate word. Let me explain.

I deal with finances the same way I deal with most other things in life:
1. Pay off all "debts" - either literal or metaphorical.
2. Skip gleefully and fashionably through life. waving credit card around like it is the key to the world (which, really, it is).
3. Procrastinate until just immediately before the giant red "DANGER" button starts flashing.
4. Freak out.
5. Fix everything cold turkey.

So basically, this means that, for the next two weeks, I am attempting not to spend ANY money aside from gas money to motor me to and from work. (I know this is dire straits when a small part of the reason that I'm happy we have a snow day tomorrow is that I won't have to use the gas.) This means: No Grove Street Laundry service; I will be bringing my laundry home for the foreseeable future (definitely past those two weeks). I will be food shopping in my parents' kitchen, making my own coffee, and bringing lunch to work every day. Two weeks and one paycheck later, my bank account will have a much better bill of health. However, the spending needs to stop, or at least lessen greatly, far past the two-week mark.

ANYway, enough of THAT. This weekend, I had the good fortune to actually crawl out of my cave to visit with my Fasholes co-editor, Laura. We shopped at Blue Mercury and The Gap, had dinner, and then went for some drinks. Good times all around!

For fun, here's a list of my favorite items (cue the showtune) from this past winter. Because, you know, I'm really important.

1. System Biolage Moisturizing Balm ($16.50): http://www.goddess-within.com/mabico.html

2. Kiehl's Lip Moisturizer (Blue Mercury, $6.50)

3. NARS' Super Orgasm Blush (Blue Mercury, $26):

4. Long fingerless wool gloves (brand unknown, purchased at store on Church St. in Montclair)

5. Wool Coat
(Esprit, $100 - I have this in a lighter, heather gray)

6. 100% Organic Red Fleece Scarf (Maggie's Organics, $17):

7. Black Leggings
($8, Kmart!) - great for layering.

8. CuddlDuds Lightweight Activewear
(CuddlDuds, price unknown) I know, I know, insulated underwear; what, am I going on an Antarctic trek? - but this brand is silky and really thin, so it doesn't make you feel like the Stay-Puff marshmallow man from "Ghostbusters." Also keeps me quite warm: http://www.cuddlduds.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=2

9. Potentially Nerdy "Pom Pom" Knitted Wool Hat in off-white
(J.Crew, "borrowed" from a family member; thus, price unknown)

10. My Space Heater

Okay, I now feel superficial enough to wanna puke. So what are your favorite items (beauty, fashion, etc.) that you bought this past winter? Please, sit down and share with the group.

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  1. Good for you, man. I need to try this also. I'm a little upset that you didn't mention that I had to ask for the super orgasam, lol. Did you find those fingerless gloves for me, per chance? Good luck with the budgeting! You have inspired me!