Jan 5, 2010

A for Style, B for Starpower

It happens to me all the time: I put together a fabulous outfit without even really trying, and my excitement is tempered by the fact that I’m merely going to a local bar with my girlfriends. What’s a local bar to you, L-Sass, I hear you asking. Well, it’s my guess that the only men with jobs who inhabit these places actually work AT the bar, rendering them as undateable as the unkempt greasers (Hey! An Outsiders reference!) who dare to approach me. So, why do I get dressed to go to these places? It is an innate thing, it’s just who I am, it just happens. Why do I even GO to these places? The cheese fries, usually.

Anyway, the only time I ever really wish I were famous is when I’m clad in a really great outfit and no one is around to take pictures or care. This got me thinking about the often-ignored B-list stars, particularly the overworked soap opera actors, who often look fabulous to the delight of not nearly enough people. My favorite girls follow:

Chrishell Stause. Chrishell plays Amanda Dillon on All My Children. This girl is perfect. I dare you to find me another living person with that face, a killer body, and the ability to work it. Chrishell knows she’s gorgeous, she dresses to show it off, and yet somehow she never seems to be screaming, “LOOK AT ME! LOVE ME!” with her choices. I love pretty much everything she wears, onscreen and off.

Below, the first look is the bathing suit that made me want to die. Please note that this is actually Amanda, which accounts for the "LOOK AT ME! LOVE ME!" tone of the picture. Look two demonstrates how to make gray and black feminine; I love the ruffle at the bottom, there is something special about it, actually, it's almost mimicking a paper-bag waist. Look number three is just about the best curve-hugging dress ever. I'm no normally into this whole Grecian thing, but her body perfect for this dress. I also love the white on her, and the soft hairstyle. Look number four is something I would love to wear. The subtle tiers and the soft pink color? '20s glam meets girly innocence.

Bree Williamson
. Bree plays tragedy-stricken Jessica Buchanan on One Life to Live. This means that on the show, she usually wears dull, boring outfits. That must be terrible for Bree, because she definitely has a signature style that she rocks at events. Luckily, Jessica gets to retain Bree’s amazing hair, and during the DID storyline, we got to see another side of Jessica when her other personality, Tess, took over. Most notably, that sexy kind of side-smile. These are things you just can’t buy. Get in the mirror and practice. It’s cheesy, but it works.

First look: THIS is how you layer (AHEM, Jess, I do like layering, just not t-shirts). Second look: beach blonde waves compliment this racerback dress for summer glam perfection. In the third look, rock and pop harmonize for a perfect pink frock, accessorized with a most appropriate expression ("this is so girly and fun, I couldn't help myself"). And, in the last look, Bree brings her bohemian signature style to the red carpet.

Here's me doing the Bree Williamson sexy half-smile:

Kirsten Storms. Kirsten plays fashionista and drama queen Maxie Jones on General Hospital. Maxie is kind of like a hybrid of Betsey Johnson and Six from Blossom. There is also not a lot of photo variety of her on the ole "information superhighway." I won’t lie, Maxie started doing a lot of things that really annoyed me, and I actually haven’t watched GH, or any soap, in a few months. But, I never skipped her scenes (until I started skipping entire shows), usually because of her outfits. Kirsten Storms has presence, and the style to back it up. I have a feeling she's the biggest risk-taker in real life of all three. Below, the first look is from the 2009 Daytime Emmys. I have a feeling this dress might get the thumbs down by my fellow fasholes, but I love it. I love that it's navy blue and not black; the white feather detail adds a playful lightness to this normally librarian-like color. Her hairstyle mimics the theme of the dress detail but doesn't go overboard. Look two is from the 2008 Daytime Emmys. Sleek is the word. Love the length of the dress, love that she didn't wear a necklace, love that she slicked the hair back, love that the clutch compliments the sash and isn't boring old black. Looks three and four are actually Maxie. Look three is perfect summer: in the real world, you could throw a blazer or denim jacket over the top and be good for work, and take it off for evening. The necklace is unique, and adds a twist to this otherwise feminine outfit. Look four, the only wedding veil I'd ever consider wearing, the bird cage! Forget principles, it's f-ing fabulous. Try to ignore that dork in the picture.

So, that’s just a quick list of who I’d like to go shopping with. I do feel bad for the delay in posting. A for style, B for starpower, C for effort, L-Sass. To keep up with soap style, check out:



Side note: I could not get my fonts straight in this post, and I'm through trying.


  1. I love Kristen Storms' style, even the first dress. Also, I passed by GH the other day and she was wearing a sweater from Anthropologie, so that made me happy, too.


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