Nov 16, 2009

sweet find: superfab black high heels!

Finding the right pair of black heels is a lot like shopping for black pants. At first glance, it seems like a relatively simple task (it's not like you're looking for a metallic aquamarine bodysuit - but if you actually are, I recommend American Apparel - and that you leave this site immediately), but in reality it can be as difficult and time-consuming as - dare I say it - finding a new pair of jeans, which might as well be scaling Kilimanjaro.

I've been on the market for a pair of black heels since my Nine West pair started eroding and I had to trash them. Now, you may ask, how could a Fashole not own a single pair of black heels!? Well, calm down, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. You see, I
really love flats. I own numerous pairs in a variety of colors and enjoy wearing them whenever possible. (Laura prefers heels - the higher, the better!) What can I say? Flats are comfortable, I don't have to constantly worry about falling, and, well, they remind me of the ballet class I was in when I was five.

On the other hand, there's something about a pair of heels that just makes me feel grown-up, sophisticated and sexy, as though I'm quickly making my way down a quiet side-street in Paris on a rainy day, twirling an umbrella or something - except, you know, my hair wouldn't frizz despite the rain. Except then, I trip. SPLAT. And there goes my Parisian fantasy.

Tonight, I took a brief stroll along the Church St. area of Montclair, which is a really relaxing street to shop on, thanks to its eclectic mix of stores. Plus, no cars are allowed on the street, so it's nice and quiet. And, as if that weren't enough, there's
finally a Pinkberry clone (Red Mango, maybe?) opening up in this trendy shopping area. I already spend a good amount of time browsing in these shops, especially since Anthropologie ( is on the corner of Church and Bloomfield Ave., and it happens to be one of my fave stores. I'm there on a semi-regular basis, since I happen to know that they reduce regularly priced items and move them into the sale area every Wednesday evening. (Psssssssh, like I could buy clothes at Anthro at full price!) Having this knowledge is totally normal for a Fashole, by the way.

My first stop was
tory janes. (The label that they stick on each shopping bag claims to contain "Shoes that make you happy." I have no arguments against this.) Since many of the shops in the Montclair area tend to be small, pricey boutiques, I was uncertain as to whether or not I would find anything reasonably affordable. (By "reasonably affordable," I mean I'll be able to both pay my rent AND eat this month.)

So, I lucked out and found a great pair of black patent-leather pumps (the first pair I tried on) with a heel very much unlike the rest of the footwear collection in my closet. (Go ahead and scoff, Laura, but you should be proud!) At $98, we're not exactly talking bargain basement here, but as for a go-to pair of black heels, well, I'm very excited to wear them with a pair of black Betsey Johnson tights and maybe a black skirt ...

Oh, damn. Next item of business to shop for: plain black skirt.

So even though I've already seen the shoes, I'm still super-excited to take the box out of the bag, and then the shoes out of the box ...

Getting excited!?! You should be!
Check out my Amazon-like shadow, ominously hovering over the box.

These stylish black pumps are available in both pate
nt-leather and suade ($98, tory janes).
Address: 2 Church St., Montclair, NJ


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  2. Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a platform on those toes?! Mega love! Good job, friend. You're going to have to show me how to insert multiple pictures in a blog, as I'm not yet blogspot savvy.

    About a month ago, I was searching desperately for a simple black pump with a round toe. I could not find them ANYWHERE. Of course, I have giant Sasquatch (omg, L-SASSquatch?!) feet, so that might just be my problem. I ended up having to get a classic Nine West pair at DSW. Not what I wanted, but very affordable and did the job.

    I hear that round toe is "in" this season, and truthfully, I do prefer it to pointy toe. However, a real Fashole takes the ins and outs with a grain of salt (or, in my case, a giant bag of salt, rendering me too bloated to wear some of my most fabulous outfits), and makes sure she/he has OPTIONS. I'm of the opinion that both round and pointy toe are always acceptable, and better choices can be made depending on the pant, as well as the overall styling of your outfit.

    Square toes are NEVER ok.


  3. I'm with you on the square toes.

    BTW - So I wore these shoes today, and they're uncomfortable as hell. But still, they're really awesome shoes. Hmm. I might wear them again tomorrow.