Nov 15, 2009

Welcome to FASHOLES!

FASHOLES! If you've already read the description of our site, then you know why you're here. Clearly, just like us, you're navigating this often-treacherous, occasionally hilarious road called fashion - and you're here to either avoid a wrong turn, or to laugh at those intrepid individuals who've already crashed and burned.

A quick introduction before we begin...

That's us, your trusted co-editors of FASHOLES, on a recent trip to Boston this summer. On your left, you have Miz Laura - absolutely fearless in conquering fashion AND hair, able to track down the best bargains from miles around. At a friends and family discount event at Neiman Marcus, Laura recently purchased a Diane von Furstenberg dress for a price you would not believe! From casual to uber-glam, Laura has quite the collection of fashion items in her possession. Currently, she is cleaning out her closet to make room for more!

Your other co-editor, Jess, has recently abandoned the above look for Zooey Deschanel bangs, but some of her wardrobe selections are as wild as her unruly wavy hair. Okay, so she's no Lady Gaga, but she has been known to pair unexpected pieces, as you'll soon learn. Her tastes range from the preppie to the hipster to the glamour queen; sometimes, her outfits include a bit of all three. A teacher by day, Jess has long refused to don the stereotypical "educator" uniform of stuffy button-down shirts and drab pants; occasionally - especially on casual Fridays - she'll conceal what you'd undoubtedly label a "weekend" or "artsy" shirt or tank underneath a more professional blazer or cardigan. And in the evening, she's ready to .... ummm, rip off that blazer, go home, put her feet up and watch "What Not to Wear."

Laura and Jess both share the same hilariously dry sense of humor about nearly everything, but one of our favorite topics includes fashion - the good, bad and the ugly - hence, FASHOLES was born. Stay tunes, as more bloggers - some from around the world - may join us!

If you're a stuffy, self-proclaimed fashionista perusing our website solely for news on the best D&G sample sales in Manhattan, you're likely in the wrong place. However, if you're interested in fashion and have a killer sense of humor, stay with us. Send us pictures of people wearing denim cutoffs, mom jeans and Crocs. And get ready to laugh ... and also, of course, to be fabulous.

If you stumble upon a funny fashion DON'T, or something Miz J on Project Runway would dub "FABULOUS"; or, if you're interested in posting for us, don't hesitate to contact us at

Check back for updates soon!

Laura & Jess

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